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Variety, Posted:Wed., Jul. 14, 2004, 10:00pm PT

Thriller 'Memory (mem-(o)-re)' is Shingle's debut
Trio secures $3.5 mil for their first pic


Filmmaker Bennett Davlin, producer Jesse Newhouse and producer Anthony Badalucco have teamed to form a production company...

Trio has also secured financing for their first pic, the $3.5 million psychological thriller "Memory (mem-(o)-re)" which will start shooting in Vancouver Feb. 1.

For the pic Davlin put together an entire storyboard, shot with a DV camera, that was used in a presentation to investors. The Newhouse publishing family is a partial investor in the film.

Pic, which is currently casting, is the story of a medical expert who unlocks genetically stored memories not his own within his brain -- memories of a killer who has been abducting victims for the past three decades.

Shingle, which aims to produce four or five projects a year split between film and TV, is also developing children's action/comedy "Omega Kids," which Davlin and Badalucco are co-writing. Shingle is also developing two reality TV shows.

Davlin was the lead writer on Jackie Chan's action-comedy "Medallion," released by Sony. He also directed a series of short films including "TC3."

Newhouse produced "TC3" with Davlin and Badalucco and has worked on productions including Joel Silver's "Cradle to Grave" with Jet Li and DMX. He plans to extend his family-owned media company Newhouse Corp. into the film biz with "Mem-o-re" the first pic in the long-term plan.

Badalucco produced a series of short films including his thesis project "TC3" with Davlin. Pic was accepted into a number of festivals including Nantucket and New York.

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