Bennett Davlin's "Memory" (mem-(o)-re) the Movie / The Novel

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Writer/Producer/Director: Bennett Davlin

Bennett Davlin's "Memory": "It's actually considerably better - and far more intriguing - than most entry-level horror pics, marrying a retro B-movie setup with the ghostly obsessions of recent Asian extreme cinema." -Variety

Born in Louisiana. He began making films at five years old and completed his first novel when he was ten. He has also acted in various plays throughout his academic career. Bennett Davlin graduated from Tulane University with a degree in liberal arts. He then studied cinematography at The New York Film Academy. For the past five years he has worked as a professional screenwriter, most recently credited as lead writer on Jackie Chan’s action / comedy “Medallion”, a Sony Columbia release. Bennett also directed a series of short films including “TC3” which has since been accepted into various film festivals. He first wrote “Memory (mem-(o)-re)” as a novel. The book is currently represented by Faye Bender Agency in New York and is available upon request. Bennett then adapted the novel into a screenplay with fellow producer, Anthony Badalucco.

Producer/Writer: Anthony Badalucco

Born in Kansas City, Missouri. He graduated from The University of Missouri with a degree in business and then attended The New York Film Academy where he created a series of short films. He produced his thesis project “TC3” along with Bennett Davlin. “TC3” has since been accepted into The East Hampton, Woods Hole, Nantucket, Boston, and New York Film Festivals. Anthony co-wrote the screenplay for “Memore” and will serve as a producer on the project.

Producer: Jesse Newhouse

Born in New York City. He attended the University of Colorado Boulder and The New School’s film studies program in Manhattan. For the past five years, he has supported himself in the film industry in Los Angeles, working a variety of jobs including associate producer, assistant director, assistant cameraman, and grip. Jesse worked on the short film “TC3” with Bennett Davlin and Anthony Badalucco. He has also worked on various other productions ranging from independent films to Joel Silver’s Warner Bros. action flick “Cradle to Grave” with Jet Li and DMX.

Executive Producer: Brandon Hogan

Joined as President of Production. Hogan brings with him a proven body of work throughout his career that began in the studio system at Warner Brothers. While at Warner Bros., Brandon established “Blue Marlin Productions”, developing various films and TV projects including the feature film “Border to Border” as well as managing Blue Marlin’s equity film fund. Most recently Hogan produced “65 Alpha”, a reality show produced on location in Afghanistan and Iraq during the current military conflict.


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